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15.12. Drone & Ambient Night /w. Concerts) Venus d.W., Berlin
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Benutzerbild von ZaraPaz
11-12-2017, 06:12

Kohshi Kamata

Kohshi Kamata is a computer musician, improviser, sound artist based in Berlin.

He plays computers as an instruments and uses mainly Maxmsp, Puredata and Processing in the performance and creations.

Although his works and projects are basis in ideas of various logics from like art, economics, mathematics, psychology and so on, the conclusion of all projects is always focused on quality and aesthetic of entertainment.

He started his career as a sound artist from 2007 in Japan.
Then in 2014, his 2nd album was released from PyschonavigationRecords (Dublin).

And started the career of sound designer for the commercial media project as well after having moved to Europe.

Xing / Wenta / Goodwin

Wojtek Bajda known also as Xing, clarinetist [MMH / HKB / HKS] looking for new sounds, creates acoustic / electronic instruments (Infra Bass), organizer of events, among others.

Umami (Marseille 2012), Umami Lab (co-operation with author Mathilde Domecq 2010), music tours China (2015), Denmark (2016), Norway (2014), Poland (2017), France (2013), Switzerland (2016), Serbia (2016), Greece (2016), Italy (2012)

Currently living in Berlin and working with perforators of various scenes from the world.

Lena Wenta (Zustand D.) is an active clarinet player, sounddesigner M.A. and synth enthusiast, based in Berlin. She plays in various
actual bands and projects and also gives soloconcerts regulary in & around B-town. You never know what you can expect from her.

Adam Goodwin is a Texan double bassist, composer, and visual artist. He engages in a wide spectrum of artistic activity that involves frequent collaboration with performers, composers, sound artists, choreographers, dancers and visual artists.

Having completed music degrees in both classical and contemporary double bass performance, Goodwin moved to Berlin, Germany to delve fully into the world of experimental and improvised music. He is also active within the Turkish and Arabic music scene in Berlin.

He has performed extensively throughout Europe, North America and Asia, presenting contemporary chamber music and symphonic works as well as free improvisation, original compositions and a vast range of pieces written for solo contrabass.

Goodwin’s musical approach places a heavy emphasis on physical gesture and spontaneity, along with a conscious consideration of the particular space and context in which the music is taking place. As composer and interpreter, he strives to obliterate the false pretenses that tend to surround contemporary art world, and return to a primordial mode of expression which places the highest priority on the individuality of the performer and the spontaneity of each unique moment.

+ Abstract Cadabra Set by Cosmic Pulses

+ Drony & Noisy Sound by Zara Paz

Start: 19.30

Venus des Westens

Fehmarner Straße 4

13353 Berlin

U-Amrumer Straße S-Westhafen

Registriert seit: Feb 2011
Beiträge: 173
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