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Ableton Live Lite 6 Enh. Edition (M-Audio)
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17-11-2006, 13:07

yo, ihr muschis!

habsch vorgestern bekommen, und wollte euch die info weiter geben. find ich cool.

From: Ableton Newsletter <>

Subject: Ableton Live Lite M-Audio Enhanced Edition Upgrade

Date: Wed 11/15/06 11:50 AM

================================================== ====

1. Free Live Lite 6 M-Audio Enhanced Edition Upgrade
2. Special Live 6 Full Version Upgrade Offer

================================================== ====

1. Free Live Lite 6 M-Audio Enhanced Edition Upgrade

Ableton and M-Audio are pleased to announce that owners of any
previous version of Live Lite are eligible for a free upgrade to Live
Lite 6 M-Audio Enhanced Edition.

To get your free upgrade, please visit

Live Lite 6 offers many of the new features found in Live 6, the only
solution designed for each stage of the musical process, from
creation to production to performance.

New additions to M-Audio's version of Live Lite include:

Multicore/Multiprocessor Support. Multiply Live's processing power on
Macs and PCs.

QuickTime Video Support. Improvise, compose and warp sound to picture.

Instrument and Effect Racks. Use Racks to control customized
groupings of multiple instruments, effects and plug-ins, and use
macro controls to adjust any number of parameters with a single knob
or fader.

Deep Freeze. Edit tracks even while they're frozen.

New and Improved Devices. Shape sound with precision with EQ Eight,
automate and play incoming MIDI notes with Note Length and add warmth
and dirt with Dynamic Tube and an improved Saturator device.

Project Management Tools. Conveniently organize collections of Live
Sets, Live Clips, presets, samples and movie files.

Other Improvements. Live 6 includes many other additions, including
improved metering, multitrack warping and much more.

================================================== ====

2. Special Live 6 Full Version Upgrade Offer

Additionally, owners of Live Lite M-Audio Edition are eligible to
upgrade to the full version of Live 6 at a special upgrade price of
EUR 269/USD 299 (download version*) or EUR 349/USD 399 (boxed version
with Essential Instrument Collection).

The full version of Ableton Live 6 gives you:
-- Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
-- Unlimited instances of VST and AU effects and instruments
-- As many ins and outs as your audio interface can handle
-- Unlimited Clip Envelopes
-- Unlimited Send/Return tracks
-- and much more...

(Standard Live 6 pricing: EUR 469/USD 499 for the download version*,
EUR 549/USD 599 for the boxed version with Essential Instrument

*Please note: The download version does not include Ableton's
Essential Instrument Collection.
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