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Ableton Live Movies [RS]
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24-03-2007, 21:14


hab hier mal sämtliche Ableton Live Videos von
auf geuppt. Schnellerer Download. Einfach komfortabel... Wer´s kennt, weiß bescheid.

Beschreibungen zu den einzelnen Videos:
(von zitiert!)

Recording Audio:
Learn how to record audio in Live

Playing with Software Instruments:
Learn how to use software instruments and MIDI in Live.

Improvising with Loops:
Improvise in Live's Session View.

Creating Beats:
Chop drum samples, edit and program beats with Live's Impulse drum sampler.

Elastic Audio:
Manipulate the tempo and feel of your music as it plays.

Uninterrupted Creative Flow:
Record, mix, match and add effects without ever stopping the music.

Defy the Timeline:
Freely improvise musical structure instead of constructing it.

For Studios:
Bring the creative power of Live to your studio environment.

For Players and Composers:
Ready to play on stage and compose in the studio, right out of the box.

For Sound Designers:
Create radical variations of your samples in real time.

For DJs:
Elevate your DJ sets. Remix, mash up and produce your music.

No Idea Lost:
Effortlessly build and browse your library of musical ideas.

Hands On Control:
Express yourself with your hands (or your feet!)

Live 6 What's New Movie:
Get a glimpse of the new features.

Making Music With Live:
Record musical ideas, combine or create new songs, and compose on the fly. Live captures your every move for later refinement and editing.

MIDI Instruments and Effects:
Drop a software instrument in a track and play. Drag and drop MIDI and audio effects, layer synths, and record MIDI as audio.

Creating Patterns:
Live puts an arsenal of groove-making tools at your fingertips.

Mix and Remix:
Combine music of any style and tempo, explore remixing new tracks.

Using Your Guitar With Live:
Guitarists Avi Bortnick and Michael Ross show how to use Live in this movie, courtesy of Guitar One magazine.

Beat Repeat:
Robert Henke explains the details of Live 5's innovative Beat Repeat effect in this video.

Sampler Movie:
Take a closer look at Sampler.

Operator Movie:
Watch Ableton conceptualist Robert Henke presenting Operator at Winter NAMM 2005 in this movie, courtesy of Harmony Central.
Part 1 + Part 2

Artist Movies:
Kid Beyond:
An inventive take on how to use Live, matched with exceptional vocal skills.

Monolake on Monodeck:
Robert Henke talks about his custom made controller.

iRobert Makes Rain:
Watch Robert simulate natural reverb with effects chains and sends.

Telefon Tel Aviv:
Joshua Eustis shows how he makes music on the road in this video.

Sound Tribe Sector 9:
Check out what they had to say about Ableton Live before a series of sold-out shows at Irving Plaza, NYC in this video from Future Music Magazine.

Shawn Pelton:
He uses everything but the kitchen sink to roll his own loops in this video.

Shawn Pelton:
Check out how Pelton massages beats.

Inside Ableton:
Take a sneak peek inside Ableton in this movie.

viel spaß damit....

Registriert seit: Mar 2007
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AW: Ableton Live Movies [RS]
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Benutzerbild von myers
25-03-2007, 10:02

das ist ja toll, das noch keiner vor dir auf so eine idee gekommen ist!

ich glaub hier ist nix...

Registriert seit: May 2003
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